Publicat amb l’editorial Pol·len durant el març 2015
Residu Zero. Com reactivar l’economia sense carregar-se el planeta

Published in Euractiv on 23 October 2013:
Why we need a World Parliament

Published in Euractiv on 28 May 2013:
Is the current crisis the price for not having a federal Europe

Publicat a Campanya UNPA el 22 de març 2013
Reactivem la Campanya per un Parlament Mundial

Published in Euractiv on 25 November 2012
Catalan elections: what alternative to secession?

Published in Euractiv on 2 October 2012
Spain: reform or break up

Published in the Federalist Debate Autumn edition.

Published in Euractiv on 19th June 2012:
Europe is finally finding its soul

Published in Euractiv on 13th March 2012:
Time to give the European Parliament some muscle

Published in Euractiv on 1st February 2012:
The new fiscal pact: The medicine that may end up killing the patient

Published in The New Federalist 28th January 2012:
Assessment of Durban 2012 – from a League of Nations to a Global Community for the Environment

Published in Euractiv 11th November 2011:
How the Eu could end up breaking what it was supposed to unite

Published in l’Unità Europe (in Italian) and  Europe’s World 10th August 2011:
Merkel, Sarkozy… time for the new federalists?

Published in Europe’s World 14th june 2011 and the Federalist Debate in November 2011:
An EU seat in the UN Security Council as first step towards a democratic organisation of world security

Published in Europe’s World 23rd March 2011:
Why ousting Ashton won’t get it fixed – the need to rethink EU`s foreign and defence policy

Published in Europe’s World 8th September 2010:
State of the European Union speech: Something is wrong

Published in Europe’s World 13th May 2010:
Tax carbon and capital – the only way out of the vicious circle

Published in Europe’s World 22nd September 2009:
The new world monetary order and the need for an EU foreign monetary policy

Published in UEF website and The New Federalist 10th of June 2009:
EU institutional failure in the management of financial and economic crisis

Publicat al Diari Avui 28 Maig 2009:
No voteu, potser caldria…

Published in The New Federalist:
Climate Change Fever: without a World Environmental Communitty the temperature will go up!

Publicat a la “CatosferaViatgera”:
Croniques Sicilianes

Publicat a la Revista Enderrock Abril 2009
– Napols o reinventar la pizza – 1a part, 2a part, 3a part


Revista Nous Horitzons 09/02/01

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