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Why a coalition of conservatives, socialists and liberals to fight eurosceptics?

Since the European Elections a new big coalition of conservatives, socialists and liberals has been forged arguing that a strong coalition is needed to fight eurosceptics. Well, coalitions are sometimes good because they bring stability but in the EP this stability doesn’t require a coalition for the simple reason that there is no possible euro-sceptic blocking minority in the EP. Moreover it tends to divide the EP between pro-europeans and anti-europeans which is something that after 30 years of existence of the European Parliament and 60 years of existence of the EU should have been since long time overcome.

The pro and anti-european debate is a false one, the reasons and supporters of eliminating the EU are so lunatic and little in numbers that should not be given the importance they are getting. Instead there are a number of policies where it is important to work and real political fight is needed. This is what can interest the citizens, this is what is not happening and this is what media should be denouncing.

By keeping the fight between Europeans and anti-europeans the debate will be dominated by populists and other UKIP lunnies who, even when very small in numbers, and just because they tend to be more mediatic, irresponsible and fun than pro-europeans end up bringing the debate to their field. The European Parliament must grow up and accept that it is here to stay, with no need to justify the reason of its existence. There are many challenges like climate change or economic crisis that need to be properly addressed and we need to hear the different alternatives suggested by the ideologies represented in the European Parliament on this issue.

The argument of building a big coalition to fight eurosceptics clearly doesn’t stand. What is the reason for building this big coalition then?…

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