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The European Commission is -literally- on fire


Pic taken by Joerg Janssen

Pic taken by Joerg Janssen


















I was walking by the Commission building today and I saw that the heart of the European Union was burning.  


Did they launch an impact assessment on whether it is better to burn the institutions instead of have them working?

Has the European Commission started to produce its own energy by burnning coal in the rooftop?

Is it that they were having a barbecue in the terrace and they ended up burning the sausages?

Where can we find the CO2 emissions of this fire?

Is it the love of European citizens for the Commission which lit the fire?

Is it a Commission official who went for a smoke in the terrace?

Is Barroso burning the secret files of the institution?

It is very easy to make metaphores about the fire in the European Commission building, I’m inclined to think that this is just a desperate attempt from the Communication DG to bring people to vote for the EP elections of 4-7th June…

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