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Tell Barroso that: YES HE CAN!



This is weird. Normally you ask opinions when you start something, not right before finishing. Why does Barroso ask us now our opinion now? Has he finally realised (after more than 4 years as president of the EC) that citizens exist? Has he realised that he might have to convince someone else, other than his friends in the Council, about his skills to lead the EU?   


Is he -maybe- campaigning? …

He didn’t campaign 5 years ago, why should he do it now? 

This is fun. Barroso, the candidate of “some European political leaders” leaders seems to be running a campaign, without being official candidate but supported by the conservative think-tank CES, to be re-elected as president of the European Commission which is financed by the European Parliament

Neither the European Parliament nor the European Commission wanted to spend a cent to campaign for the constitutional treaty and now the EP finds itself financing the campaign of the head of a Commission who refused to campaign and lost three referendums… a lonely runner in a race without participants, where the slowest is doomed to win.

With such a passionate, breathtaking, competitive and hard campaign we can tell Barroso that: YES HE CAN!

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