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Comment on Žižek – Are we free and independent enough to stop and think?

( Žižek na Bledu from Jaka Tomc on Vimeo.

Žižek perception of reality is as provocative as enlightening. So many things happen in front of our eyes and we all march blind…

In a world of coffee without caffeine, beer with alcohol, coke without sugar… are we finally having political parties without political ideology?

In a world where there is no money to feed the people, to invest in renewables, to save ourselves from the effects of climate change… there is money to save car makers and bankers?

In a context of refusal of knowledge and complexity, the transmission of ideology has left the old channels of political parties to infiltrate our everyday life:  we are bombarded with commercials all day, every holywood movie is a political panflet and going shopping is our economic contribution and act of faith to the ideology of consumist/throw-away society that finances the power that controls us.

“Non-political” people go shopping and watch videos non-stop in order to cope with a world they don’t understand and believe ideologies are dead when they are unconsciously supporting a very clear political option.

Humankind has been rushing during last 100 years and increase the speed of innovation, change, destruction, growth…

time to stop and think?

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