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The EU – a philosophical player?

“They are always talking about philosophy with us,” Deutsche Welle paper reports Andrei Klimov, deputy chairman of the committee for international relations in the state Duma, Russia’s lower house of parliament, said about the Europeans.

There are two approaches to this: firstly, once cradle of western civilization, the EU sees itself as resort of morals and values that are at the core of all their policies and which should reign in the relations with other countries, regardless of how economically or politically developed they might be. This is laudable and it gives a moral strength and ideological coherence to policies that otherwise would look as disperse and arbitrary as the Russian policies.

The second approach is that philosophy is always a good rhetoric tool when unable to articulate a coherent message. That is in European energy policies and anything that relates to foreign policy where the EU is a political ghost. Until we are not able to have a political Union with a legitimised European government, capable of properly representing the Europeans the best thing we can do is philisophise about how things should be according to X values and principles.

When our great “philosophers” are stars like Barrosso maybe we are dealing more with the second option?

Whether we continue to live in the ideal world of Plato or we turn around and walk out of the cave it is something that the current crisis will push us to decide upon.

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