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EU difficult to understand? Try the UNFCCC!

It is nice to see the EU, the G77, the US and all the others gathered in the Poznan UNFCCC to discuss the NAMAs, the NAPAs and the QUELROs both in AWGKP and AWGLCA. As expected CAN and CJN have been critical and it looks like the BINGOs are going to get a good result in front of the TUNGOs and the RINGOs.

REDD and LULUCF don’t seem to be taken very much seriously despite the efforts of REFUK and the PAM and it is clear that SIDS will end up paying the highest price of the inadequacy of CDMs and others measures.

After all agreeing on MRV targets and a common vision is not a technological problem but a political one.


This is just an example of how codified the talks on the Climate Change Conference taking place in Poznan until 12th December can be.

For those who say the European Union is difficult to understand; you haven’t tried the UN negotiations on Climate Change. EU is peanuts!

UNFCCC: United Nations Framework Conference on Climate Change

NAMAs: Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions

NAPAs: National Adaptation Programmes of Action

BINGOs: Business and Industry Non-Governmental Organisations

TUNGOs and RINGOs: Trade Unions and Research and Independent NGOs

RFUK: United Kingdom Rainforest Foundation

REDD: Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation

PAM: Policies and Measures.

SIDS: Small Island Developing States

LULUCF: Land-use, Land-use Change and Forestry.

QUELRO: Quantified Emissions Limitation and Reduction Objective

MVR: Measurable, Reportable and Verifiable


  1. Miquel

    Si et van els acrònims de UNFCCC, suggereixo els mots encreuats que vaig fer per SB el passat maig…



  2. finalment una mica d’utilitat a tant d’acronim! Potser es podrien utilitzar aquests mots encreuats per seleccionar els participants de l’any vinent a Copenhaguen?
    El problema es que alguns membres del secretariat i representants nacionals es podrien quedar fora 😉

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