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Where do Spanish millions go?

Spanish government helping banking sector

Spanish government helping banking sector

The spanish government is the only european government not openly saying which banks will get how much money in the financial crisis.

It is accepted by everyone that this financial crisis is the result of bad regulation and hence bad management and functioning of the financial markets. The citizens are not to be held responsible for this mismanagement; we were instrumentalised by the financial and political power to bring big profits to the financial sector and its friends in politics by living on credits, we are now indebted for the next decades, we will have to pay with our taxes all the money now being lend to the banks and the last news in Spain are that the citizens won’t be allowed to know where the 250.000 milion euros of their taxes will go. The spanish government decided, once again, to hide from the people and, using once again methods in place since 70 years ago, is going to spend the public money at its will, deciding which banks they will help and with which amounts.

Ole Zapatero! Such a torero attitude when it comes to dealing with the bull, typical of spanish left and right parties, will help you manage it so that you get the job done without getting hurt but in the long run either the bull goes mad and takes you out of the way or you run out of bulls to kill… and your torero career is over.

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