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Looking for a president for the European Commission

After two failed referendums in France and Netherlands the European Commission had the chance to intervene in favour of the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland. Very little was done. After the results were known does the president of the EC go to Ireland? No. The political price has to be paid by Vice-President Margot Wallstrom.

Lately we have had the financial crisis. In the past the European Commission was good at anticipating crisis and former EC presidents took an active stand on the issue. The current Commission did not anticipate the crisis and during the last two weeks the protagonism was taken by UK prime minister, Gordon Brown, wellknown for his leadership skills…

Although it is true that the economic governance is not an EU competence, a visionary president of the EUropean Commission would have taken advantage of the opportunity to bring the EU forward.

This crisis is only starting and more opportunities will come to set up the right structure in order to better regulate the anarchy in financial markets. Can we trust the current president Barrosso to properly represent the European interest or should we rather start looking for a new president of the European Commission?

The forthcoming European Parliament Elections are an opportunity we should use to this effect.

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