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Ireland neutrality challenged by the the Lisbon treaty or rather the USA?

After all, it looks like we can blame someone of the NO to Lisbon in Ireland: the USA. The poor americans  get blamed by everybody 😉

If it is finally proven that the funding for the NO campaign in Ireland was coming from the US and more concretely the military sector, it will be fun to see how most alegations against the Lisbon treaty for interfering in Irish neutrality will be challenged.

Declan Ganley, the multi-millionaire businessman behind Libertas, has significant business interests in America which could have been a decisive contribution to bring the EU to the standstill caused by the irish rejection to the Lisbon treaty. This is particularly worrying because one of the main arguments used by Libertas in the campaign, together with legalisation of abortion, death penalty and other lies,  was precisely the danger that an EU with stronger Foreign and Defense policy would have for irish neutrality -and american interests-.

Here we go! The irish, allegedly US-sponsored, neutrality is stopping the EU from moving forward in democratic reform. This is a nice paradox!

A treaty meant to bring more transparency to the EU hijacked by a campaign whose funding was everything but transparent but who claimed to ask for a more transparent and democratic EU…

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